You want celebrity status – Twitter is the way to go

Twitter has been here for a number of years and one thing that continues to amaze me is the growth.  Despite the increase on social media platforms Twitter use is on the increase amongst marketers, brands and individuals.   One thing you will appreciate is the fact that it has definitely undergone a lot of re-designs which in essence is a good thing.    One of the things that most people still need to contend with is the Twitter likes key.

If you are a Twitter user, you need to find more about the changes and how they can impact your use on the social media platform.  But do you know that as a user, you can choose grow your audience by investing in the Twitter likes icon.  Apart from sharing posts and tweets, use the platform to grow our audience in whatever field you are in.    If you are keen on making growth, ensure that you make use of the provided icons for better use.  Why do celebrities find twitter a social media platform one of the best platforms for recognition?f1

3 types of Hash tags that won’t bring your more Twitter Likes

Using hash tags to enhance more visibility and potentially more twitter likes for your posts is not a new strategy. However, there are certain types of hash tags that almost always lead to more negative results and backlash from fellow twitter users. For instance, using a hash tag to help mourn a dead hero on twitter with many people is no problem. However, insensitively using such a hash tags to push a brand or to ask people to follow you on twitter could turn disastrous on you.

On the other hand, using a hash tag on your every tweet or word has proven to backfire, especially when you want to develop a closer relationship with your followers. Using too many hash tags on a post only makes you look amateurish, which would definitely not attract many twitter likes also. Also, be careful to leave the use of hash tags on twitter alone. Using a hash tag on a letter or inking yourself with the hash tag symbol is definitely not something you will want to see twenty years from now.

Why you have to be Patient before you can start attracting Thousands of Twitter Likes

Unlike Instagram, where a very beautiful picture could get you hundreds of likes on your first day on the social network, you have to cultivate a relationship with your twitter followers if they are to become loyal and willing to give you more twitter likes. In fact, you have probably experienced this feeling yourself. You don’t like everyone’s tweet, even why some of them are close to you.

Most people tend to like or retweet posts when they feel like it is the best they have seen that day. And before you reach to that point where thousands of your followers can’t ignore your posts without leaving a twitter like, you must to work very hard to impress them. It takes days, weeks and months of learning what your followers expect from you, consistently posting top notch tweets and constantly engaging with your followers before they can all like and retweet your posts. Finally, make your relationship with your followers close and interesting all the time.f2

Purchasing Automatic Twitter Likes For Your Account

For those that are well accustomed to twitter, you will agree with the opinion that getting very many twitter likes for your account could prove to be an uphill task. In any case, it will in most cases force you to keep posting tweets as often as possible just to garner as many likes as possible which could be quite tedious at the end of the day. Nonetheless, there seems to be an easier way for you achieve as many likes as possible for each and every person and it does not have to be the celebrities and the politicians who should enjoy the lion’s share of likes. Did you know that you can purchase twitter likes for your account? Well, yes you can and it is quite simple too.

Promoting Your Business Through Twitter Likes

Among the social media available nowadays, twitter is one of the fastest channels for you to get news. Following the right accounts will keep you updated of the current issues. This is why you can promote your business at twitter through its twitter likes and also retweets.

When you post something interesting, other users will either like or retweet your tweets and their followers could read them. If you have interesting products and/or services, using twitter could be one of the easiest way to get your word out.

There are many ways for you to promote your business through twitter likes or retweets. You could offer promotional discounts, or offer vouchers, or you could also give free gifts to the users who like your tweet first, for instance. When your followers feel they get something in return for following your account, you have a chance of expanding your market.

You can write your own tweets or you could hire someone for it. As long as your tweets are interesting and attractive, you shouldn’t have too much problem growing your business.


How to earn your first $100 on Twitter

Who said twitter was all about who gets most followers and twitter likes? Today, people earn thousands and hundreds of thousands off their twitter accounts, and the good thing; they are your average Joe and Mary. If you are a charmer on social media who can attract tens of thousands of followers, your journey to making some cash off twitter could be as easy as ABC. Big companies are always looking people like you who can promote and endorse their brands for pay.

If you are popular with teens on twitter for instance, there are numerous teen oriented brands that would want your endorsement. On the other hand if you have fewer followers but can somehow ignite a conversation on twitter and get multiple twitter likes, you are a good sales guy. Just look for a product to promote and you could start a career changing business off twitter. Still, bloggers can use twitter to attract traffic to their websites and see their earning mount immensely. There are also other numerous ways to earn off twitter, as long as you identify a good product to promote.f1

Why you don’t always have to use new hash tags on twitter

Hash tags are a great way to attract followers and many twitter likes. When used appropriately, marketers and small businesses can reach out to thousands of potential customers at a cheap cost. However, you don’t have to use original hash tags to push you brand out there, as long as you can do proper research, be specific with the hash tags and be moderate on how you use them.  If you just spend some few dollars on analytics also, you could realize what hash tags have been successful in your niche in the past few days, decide what specific hash tags could have more impact on the people you are reaching out to and use them sparingly.

Something else that could attract you more followers and twitter likes without much struggles are social media events. You only need to identify an event that relates to what you love tweeting about and then try and forge a relationship with some of the most active twitter users during the event.

5 Things that will Decrease the number of Twitter Likes you often receive

Regardless of why you joined twitter, attracting many twitter likes and followers is always something people cherish. However, sometimes people go too far in trying to attract attention. Other people are however just lazy, and they want to enjoy getting many likes and retweets from posts they copied from others. It is a disrespectful habit you should never get tempted to do. If you enjoy someone else’s post, retweet it.

Unless you want to compromise your reputation, don’t be in a habit of recycling jokes or outdated memes. Thy might get you a few twitter likes from people who never saw them before, but a majority of your followers will often feel frustrated by them. Again, never spam people. It can be as easy as sending all your followers a similar message, or tweeting a follower you don’t engage very much with a message meant to market yourself. Finally, there is something annoying people are very fond of and it is worse than getting spam texts; laughing at your own jokes.f1

How to Stay Modest on twitter and attract many Likes and followers

On twitter, you can either decide to present yourself as an official user or as a casual person. If you can forge both personalities, then you will be great at enticing people to follow you. As you probably know, most people on twitter are there to socialize and probably have fun interacting with others. You therefore don’ need to approach them in a businesslike manner all the time. In fact, if you want to make any business relations with people on twitter, begin by developing a relationship with them.

On the other hand, never be too personal with people. If you get fond of some followers, don’t start asking them for favors or gifts. Never even joke about such things. Instead, maintain you professional or friendly relationship with them where they give you many twitter likes and you keep them informed or entertained. If you ever invite someone for coffee and they reject your offer, don’t be pushy.

Provide True Value on Social Media

Do you know the one thing that all the successful businesses all over the world have in common? It is the fact that they provide true value to their customers. They are actually meeting a specific need in the market and filling an existing gap. They know what their customers need and in which area they are lacking and they have come to ensure that they customers get well taken care of. This is how they manage to retain customer loyaltyand build very big brands. Offering true value is also a proven method of getting free followers on social media.

Peoplehavedifferent need on social media. There are those that are on social media for entertainment, there are those that are social media for interaction, there are those that are on social media for information, there are those that are on social media for marketing purposes and so on and so forth. It is important that you take time to assess your audience and get to understand exactly what is driving them to be on social media. Once you have determined that, ensure that the content that you post is in line with this need that you have identified. Make sure that the content addresses exactly what the audience is looking for on social media and you can be sure that free followers will rally behind you.

Use Images as a Major Part of your Content

Do not be mistaken, human beings are always attracted to bright and shiny things. They work well to attract their attention much faster than all other things. Bright colors tend to appeal to people a lot and so do well portrayed diagrams. When it comes to social media, research has actually shown that many people prefer to look at images as opposed to reading through content.

This simply means that if you are looking for a way to get free likes on your social media pages, it is time that you start using images on a larger scale. Find nice images that have been well done and that are very clear and post them consistently on your page. Make sure that the images are direct and can easily portray the message that you are trying to send. Do not use complicated ones that will need a whole lot of effort to interpret. To get the twist, you can throw in the videos once in a while. This is definitely a great way to attract people to your page for free likes.

How to use your profile to increase your following

Have you ever wondered why each Twitter user has a profile? A profile plays a very crucial part in dictating who you are and making people want to associate with you on the social media platform. A profile might from the onset look simple but unknowingly it is the most powerful tool you have in your hands. Make it captivating enough to help increase your Twitter Likes.
People rarely get to follow people they don’t know or have anything in common. But the first thing that really comes to their mind before choosing to like you is to check your profile page. People love dealing with real people not robots and the best way to do that is to use your real name or if not possible try to get close as possible.
If you want to increase your Twitter Likes, never forget to put a photo on your profile. Who wants to follow an avatar? Not many people and one thing you will realize that names are shared and without a photo those wanting to like you might be at a loss.