3 Things about twitter polls you should know

News 02:11 November 2019:

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If you are an avid twitter enthusiast, you probably already know about their poll section. A twitter poll is a fast way of sampling the opinions of your friends and followers on a certain topic. A typical poll takes anywhere between 5 minutes and several days. But by default, polls are supposed to take only one day unless it is a very intriguing issue that has attracted thousands of responses. Secondly, the best way to get the highest number of responses from a poll is by retweeting and asking your friends to take part in your polls as often as you can. Note also that people can take part in polls through retweets, which is why you shouldn’t tire to ask close friends to share your posts.

But of course there are also other limitations with twitter polls. For one, you can’t add a photo to your poll tweet. That means that marketers, advertisers and everyone else who wanted to make polls for their products using images can’t do so. Again, you can’t pre-arrange your polls. You can only make them in real time, which is yet another limitation for people who would have loved this feature included.f1

How to Work your way around Twitter Polls

For a long time, twitter has been the go place to look for important opinions before making any decisions.  Twitter has since realized how useful their network was at creating opinions and poll making, which is why they officially introduced the twitter polls sections. Here, you can create your own poll,invite people to vote and then have the winner without anyone realizing who voted for who or what. It is that simple.

So, who can create a twitter poll? Virtually anyone with a twitter account can create a poll. And you can also make a poll about anything of relevance to your followers. If you to know what car between two brands you should buy for instance, you can just call for a poll. The only problem you should note is that twitter polls have a maximum lifespan of only two hours. To make the best out of your poll therefore, call for a poll when most of your followers are online. And for better results, you can tweet about your intent to call for a poll a few hours earlier, so that most of your loyal followers will avail themselves

Voters are kept Private

Surprisingly, you can really never know who voted in your poll. You only get to find out how many people voted the how people voted in percentage. Similarly, a voter doesn’t get to see who else cast their vote. They only see the number of votes cast from time to time and the time left before a poll comes to an end. However, a voter can also retweet your poll so that their followers too can engage in the voting.f2

You can pin the Poll

If you really wish to see as many people see your poll and vote in it, you can just pin it at the top of your timeline. You can also promote the poll by tweeting about it, which would in turn increase your engagement with followers as well. Actually, as a few studies have shown, twitter polls do increase the level of engagement with your fans although not to a huge extent. All the same, any increase in how interactive you and your followers are should be appreciated. The twitter poll feature is still new in the market after all, and it could in future turn out to be a huge thing for brands and businesses.

How to make the best of Polls

Since twitter polls are only a recently added feature, there are still no rules that dictate how you should use it. You can decide to turn this feature into a great strategy for increasing engagement on twitter or you can decide to use polls just as a way of learning things people love more. As a sports fan for instance, using polls to ask people to predict games can help you become a better punter. Alternatively, you can use polls to ask your followers what kind of content  they would love to see more on your social networks.