Do Periscope Hearts Change in Color?

News 02:11 November 2019:

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Many of us are instantly fascinated with something colorful. We like the shape of a heart as we cannot deny the fact that it is quite adorable and something that makes you easily smile. It is truly very elating to see hearts that vary in color.

The colors of heart alter as per the background color of the profile picture of the user in the chat. It is very elating that the background color of a user’s profile picture in the chat is totally an odd thing by periscope.

What is more, this background color of profile picture alters from scope to scope which simply means that the periscope hearts color which the user transmits shall also alter. A user is certainly assigned a color when he or she joins a broadcast. It is essential to know that this colors their avatar on the transmitted messages and also the periscope hearts they transmit.

Meanwhile, it is a lot easier to distinguish users in smaller broadcast and you can easily determine if it came from countless of people or if only one person is spamming periscope hearts in larger broadcasts.