How to earn your first $100 on Twitter

News 02:11 November 2019:

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Who said twitter was all about who gets most followers and twitter likes? Today, people earn thousands and hundreds of thousands off their twitter accounts, and the good thing; they are your average Joe and Mary. If you are a charmer on social media who can attract tens of thousands of followers, your journey to making some cash off twitter could be as easy as ABC. Big companies are always looking people like you who can promote and endorse their brands for pay.

If you are popular with teens on twitter for instance, there are numerous teen oriented brands that would want your endorsement. On the other hand if you have fewer followers but can somehow ignite a conversation on twitter and get multiple twitter likes, you are a good sales guy. Just look for a product to promote and you could start a career changing business off twitter. Still, bloggers can use twitter to attract traffic to their websites and see their earning mount immensely. There are also other numerous ways to earn off twitter, as long as you identify a good product to promote.f1

Why you don’t always have to use new hash tags on twitter

Hash tags are a great way to attract followers and many twitter likes. When used appropriately, marketers and small businesses can reach out to thousands of potential customers at a cheap cost. However, you don’t have to use original hash tags to push you brand out there, as long as you can do proper research, be specific with the hash tags and be moderate on how you use them.  If you just spend some few dollars on analytics also, you could realize what hash tags have been successful in your niche in the past few days, decide what specific hash tags could have more impact on the people you are reaching out to and use them sparingly.

Something else that could attract you more followers and twitter likes without much struggles are social media events. You only need to identify an event that relates to what you love tweeting about and then try and forge a relationship with some of the most active twitter users during the event.

5 Things that will Decrease the number of Twitter Likes you often receive

Regardless of why you joined twitter, attracting many twitter likes and followers is always something people cherish. However, sometimes people go too far in trying to attract attention. Other people are however just lazy, and they want to enjoy getting many likes and retweets from posts they copied from others. It is a disrespectful habit you should never get tempted to do. If you enjoy someone else’s post, retweet it.

Unless you want to compromise your reputation, don’t be in a habit of recycling jokes or outdated memes. Thy might get you a few twitter likes from people who never saw them before, but a majority of your followers will often feel frustrated by them. Again, never spam people. It can be as easy as sending all your followers a similar message, or tweeting a follower you don’t engage very much with a message meant to market yourself. Finally, there is something annoying people are very fond of and it is worse than getting spam texts; laughing at your own jokes.f1

How to Stay Modest on twitter and attract many Likes and followers

On twitter, you can either decide to present yourself as an official user or as a casual person. If you can forge both personalities, then you will be great at enticing people to follow you. As you probably know, most people on twitter are there to socialize and probably have fun interacting with others. You therefore don’ need to approach them in a businesslike manner all the time. In fact, if you want to make any business relations with people on twitter, begin by developing a relationship with them.

On the other hand, never be too personal with people. If you get fond of some followers, don’t start asking them for favors or gifts. Never even joke about such things. Instead, maintain you professional or friendly relationship with them where they give you many twitter likes and you keep them informed or entertained. If you ever invite someone for coffee and they reject your offer, don’t be pushy.