How Twitter Polls Work

News 07:07 July 2020:

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Twitter recently added onto their social media platform the twitter polls option. This is an option that allows people to use twitter to conduct public polls. The polls can be on any subject matter. You generally pose the question on twitter using the option and then the public gives its opinion on the questions that you have asked. The poll is very easy to conduct and take control of; everything is automated and the responses are generated automatically immediately a respondent chooses their option. It works very simply.
At the moment, for a person conducting the poll, you are required to input two choices from which people are allowed to choose from. A minimum of two and maximum of four is allowed for the choices. As a twitter user participating in the polls, all you have to do is to tap on the option that you are going with and your response will be automatically recorded. Results are displayed immediately you tap on your choice. A checkmark will usually be shown next to the option that you have chosen. One is allowed to participate in a poll just once; unless you are using different accounts to participate in the same poll. As a respondent, you will get to see the final results as a notification will be sent to you once the poll is complete.