Individuals and Twitter Polls

News 01:11 November 2019:

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Twitter Polls was another feature from the twitter world that took the world by storm. No one really saw it coming but once it was launched, everyone was jumping onto the bandwagon. Everybody wanted to set up a poll of their own.  Largely the twitter poll was to be used as an interactive tool. He trend however shifted very fast when it became clear the benefits that companies can accrue from these polls.

Data is a very important tool for each and every company out there today. For any company that is looking to remain relevant in the very competitive business environment today,it is important that it works to remain relevantand keep up with all the market trends.  On sure way of ensuring that they do that is that they have all the current information on the happenings in the market.Twitter polls have proven to be a great resource in providing this information. This is the reason as to why many companies immediately started using the polls.Companies also came to the realization that the polls are a great and innovative way to keep their audiences entertained and engaged thus increasing the company’s visibility and making it hard for it to lose its following.

The trends have however continued to evolve and individuals today are busy setting up twitter polls right, left and center.  Some might argue that these individuals are only doing so to keep themselves entertained. While this is true, it is not the only reason as to why even individuals have jumped onto the twitter pollsbandwagon.

It is important to understand that social media has become the largest marketplace in the world today. It is the one marketplace with no barriers to entryand very item is fair game.  It ispurely a situation of willing buyer and willing seller. There are lots and lots of people that are making millions of money on a daily basis simply from their presence on social media. This is one fact that has become very clear and people are becoming well aware of the fact that presence on social media is fast becoming one of the fastest and easiest ways to make money.

This isone of the major reasons as to why individuals are getting involved in the polls. Look keenly and you will notice that most of the individuals are putting up polls on controversial or sensitive topics.Topics that they are sure will attract a huge amount of attention. In social media, once you start receiving a huge amount of attention, you start becoming visible. Once you star becoming visible, the chips start falling in your favor. This is why a large number of these individuals are continuously setting up polls. It is true that there are some that are just bored and are looking for something to entertain themselves but a good number of them is also looking to make money online.  A large number of people participating in the polls put the limelight on the person who set up the poll and the individual can then use the limelight to their advantage and become a twitter ‘bigwig’ so to speak.