Knowing your boundaries when looking for likes

News 07:07 July 2020:

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Do you have something nice to share with the public?  Are you worried the same might not get noticed?  Imagine you are not alone.  Every single day, people all over the world post thousands of photos, comments and even blogs. Depending on the content and the issue at hand some receive numerous likes.  Others never get noticed.  But that is no reason to worry.  If you are always on social media, do you know having free likes is possible?  You won’t have to beg for attention from people you do not know.

Fake likes are bad and can contribute to having your account banned for good. There are two ways here the social media platform can chose to completely ban you or suspend you depending on the nature of the crime done.  Promoting your picture or blog on social media is a great thing and it gives you a level ground with others not only in your circle but globally.  It is quite sad that the same should lead to having your account banned.  If you are not sure of where to begin from when looking for free likes. Get help we will be more than glad to help.