Reasons behind the fame of Twitter Polls

News 07:07 July 2020:

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Look keenly enough and you will notice that every other day there twitter polls that are being conducted. The polls are not being conducted by specific people but literally by everyone and anyone.  A large number of people all over today are both setting up and participating in polls.  It has become a phenomenon that enjoys a lot of popularity and use overnight.  You might wonder why the popularity rose at such a fast rate. There are several reasons as to why and a number of them are outlined below.

Among the very important factors of survival on social media is visibility and being able to keep followers engagedand entertained all the time. Remember that these social media platforms are available to people all over the world which basically means that millions and millions of people are usually using them at any given time. The stage is a very huge one which automatically makes it a very competitive one. Everyone is looking to stand out and be the one at the center. For his to happen, people to continuously notice your presence and remember your existence; this cannot happen if you are just a silent follower. You have to be a vocal one. Twitter polls are among the many features that one can use to be vocal on twitter.  Polls that ask questions that prompt conversations that people havebeen itching to have will definitely go a long way in increasing one’s visibility on the platform.

Companiesare always looking for days. Before the onset of social media, getting data was a very complex and expensive process for companies.They had to take a lot of time conducting physical surveys and trying their best to reach the largest market size possible. It was a very tedious and expensive experience thatalso took quite a lot of time.Social media has provided a much cheaper and easier platform from which companies can get all the data that they are looking for.  Twitter polls have alsoprovidedthese companies with a platform on which they can directly ask the questions that they immediately want answers on. Companies have actually come to realize that these polls can prove to be very good sources of information as far as understanding the market is concerned.

Media houses have also worked greatly to increase the fame of the twitter polls. With the growth of social media platforms, media houses quickly realized that it would be important for them to integrate social media platforms into all their broadcasting activities if they are to maintain their clientele.  This led to the houses asking their audiences to give their opinions on various topics being discussed on the shows on the social media platforms. The integration worked ell to boost the media houses’ shows. The twitter polls have worked further to boost the shows. For example, on music shows, the polls could be used to rank the best songs; they simply give the listeners and viewers to add their voice onto whatever is being broadcasted by the media house in that particular show.