Share Old Tweets Thru Twitter Retweet

News 03:12 December 2019:

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Having a Twitter account is a great step forward to most people but what others rarely know is that opening such an account is free and costs nothing.  So next time you want to open an account don’t be fooled into thinking that it comes with a cost.  No, never absolutely nothing like that.  There are definitely a large number of tweets that are exchanged on a given day and what most people never get to know is that not everyone gets to see this.  It is therefore not a bad idea share an article of value using the Twitter Retweet feature.

Sharing information on the social media platform is a one way of staying informed.  Information is power and can help you keep away from some very embarrassing situations.  A retweet when used correctly will give others the chance to be able to see the events as they folded.  Most of the people sending these retweets are eyewitnesses and share videos or information as they happened.  We should also not forget to mention that unless there is an eye witness, not all information is correct.  Remember that we are living at a time that the number of fake news on the platform has been worrying.

This is therefore not to scare social media platform users away but to help them know that the Twitter Retweet feature is a great way to share information with others but if they do not know its authenticity they should retweet the same with a pinch of salt.  It is important that each time you share information or a retweet to remember that this is the only platform with no controls and boundaries; it is one opened market where everyone with information can find a forum.  But one thing is for sure a lot of lives have been saved and critical information shared on these platforms.

If you have been a Twitter user you might have realised that each time a celebrity retweets something, the internet goes crazy.  Have you wondered why, firstly it is an acceptable way of appreciating that the article retweeted was important and needed sharing with others.  Secondly, it is one way to create and build your business or brand.  Every time someone shares your tweet, your brands gets credit and it is therefore a simple and easier way of marketing your products online but the interesting bit is that most of the retweets are done by others not you.

But one thing is sure, if you feel you want to share an earlier tweet, why not use the available Twitter retweet button to share the same with other.  It will give others the chance to read what they missed.  A retweet is therefore one great way of keeping important information flowing not only to those on your social media networks to their friends and others on the wider networks.  Never underrate the retweet feature as it is on incredible option of having yourself and your product stand out amongst the many masses in the market.